Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado - Craig Goettsch Photography


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Long's First Light

I tend to be an opportunist when it comes to photography. I probably look around way too much as I drive, although I try to be as careful as I can. On this particular morning I was headed up to Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park and I was behind where i wanted to be as I had slept in a bit. As I entered the park I glanced to my left and saw the first rays of light hitting the top of Long's Peak. As is normally the case when I am driving, I had my camera ready for critters, but not necessarily ready for a landscape. Not wanting to get a tripod and other stuff out of the back of the jeep, I quickly stopped and grabbed my camera not wanting to miss what I knew would be a very fleeting moment. I got the shot I wanted, jumped back in the jeep and went on my way, much happier than five minutes earlier when I thought I was going to miss the best light of the morning.

I guess the moral to the story is always be ready!

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