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Black Canyon Sunset

This photo was taken along Colorado State Highway 92 a little west of the Blue Mesa Reservoir dam. This is the area where the Black Canyon begins, or at least what you can see that wasn't flooded upstream when the Blue Mesa dam on the Gunnison River was completed in 1965. Three reservoirs along the Gunnison make-up the Wayne N. Aspinall Storage Unit - Blue Mesa, Morrow Point and Crystal. The area that surrounds the reservoirs is collectively known as the Curecanti National Recreation Area. Immediately below Crystal Reservoir is where the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park begins. The body of water that is seen in the photograph is Morrow Point Reservoir.

There are some fantastic overlooks along this section of highway and you can creep right up to the edge of the canyon. Be careful as there are no guard rails in place.

Black CanyonColoradoGunnison Riversunset