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Mom says I can fly soon!

Mom says I can fly soon!

A mother Great Horned Owl and owlet look out from a nest atop a dead tree. It had been a really slow morning for bird photography and I was about to call it a day when I decided to make one last stop. I heard a couple of owls hooting back and forth and started walking around to see if I could find them. I saw an area that had been cordoned off with some yellow caution tape and decided to carefully look around keeping a safe distance from the yellow tape. In the middle of the area was an old tree trunk that stood about thirty feet tall. I focused my camera on the top of the tree and there I saw the backs of what I thought must be a pair of owlets. I walked around a bit more to gain a better view. I watched for a while getting some profile shots of one of the youngsters when one of the parents returned to the nest. She (I am calling her mom) moved around in the nest a bit making sure her owlets were safe and sound. Satisfied everything was in order, she closed her eyes and rested. The little one was intent on surveying me and its surroundings. It took a while but I was able to get a couple of shots with mom's eyes open I snapped away for about an hour before I decided it was time for lunch.

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