Lil' Critters - Craig Goettsch Photography


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Fall Harvest

We were on our way hiking to the rocky knoll that overlooks the Grand Prismatic Spring when, as is almost always the case, my wife saw him first. In fact, I wonder how much I miss when she is not with me! This little squirrel was busily scurrying from branch to branch, knocking down pine cones to the ground. After he had dropped a half a dozen or so, down the tree he zipped and gathered them up to store for the hard Yellowstone winter to come.

I know most people look for the "biggies" when it comes to wildlife (just look at the strings of cars and people when they see the bison, elk, bears or wolves) but I love the intimacy of finding small critters like this and having them all to yourself!

Fall 2015Yellowstone 2015